God’s Timing Is Perfect…And Absolute.

Many times throughout my life I’ve heard and witnessed the quotation, “God’s timing is perfect.”  I’ve also heard it said, “God moves in His own time.”  It’s our duty to pray that what we are doing in our lives is in line with God’s timing.  Sometimes it’s very hard to ascertain whether our decisions are inline with God’s desires for us…other times it’s blatantly obvious the position our lives are proceeding in regards to His plans.  We pray for guidance and wisdom.  We humble ourselves in front of our Maker and pray that He shows us the way to prosperity and life according to His plans for us.  In my own life, God has and continues to provide for me.  The more I humble myself and relinquish control to Him…the more I see His ways have always been the better way, solution, etc.

As we inch closer to the “End Times”, we as Christians will see an increase in persecution.  It was written.  It is happening.  “Those with eyes will see.”  However, by no means does that indicate God has abandoned us.  We continue to witness events when God’s “will” and “timing” align at the perfect moment to provide a teaching moment (for believers and non alike).  Unfortunately, most non-believers will write these events off as “coincidence” or “chance”…but the Christian will “see” the event for what it is.  God at work.

I present the following as a perfect example deception in action. Please note this is “not” my video and for all I know it’s fake.  Even so, if it is fake, the video presents a scenario that could easily happen in any city in the USA at any time today…so many lost souls convinced Christians are the “enemy”, “hate mongers”, “white supremacists”, “Bible-Thumpers” and many other derogatory terms.  The video demonstrates the hearts and minds of our young people…hardened to the point they are blind to the truth of God’s will.  They have fallen victim to the deceptions and plans of the master of lies.

I claim no copyright to the video above and present it here only as an example of the state of our country, the depths of depravity it has reached, and the perfect dispensation of justice from God for those who would mock Him.  Again…fake video or not, the events played out in the video…are real.  They happen daily.  They will continue to increase.  I am not afraid of them or the ridiculous plans they profess and support.  In fact, they’re “almost” right.  One day soon, we “will” have a “one society” world…two of them in-fact.  The first will fail because it is born upon lies and deceptions.  It will fail because its creator is designing it that way.  The designer is laying the cornerstones for the first world right now…and he’s working hard to take as many lost souls to Hell with him as possible as he’s building it.  The second, established with Jesus Christ at the center and upon the throne will prosper on Earth for a thousand years…and then in Heaven for an eternity.

Now back to the video for a second.  I ask you, why must the young pro-communist men wear masks?  If their plan for our society is so “great”, “perfect” and “inevitable”…why must you mask yourself?  I hope you notice the men, women, and children marching in the video; preaching the Gospel; wear no such masks.  The promise of life everlasting is their protection…not a flimsy piece of fabric over their faces.  That flag represents the cross upon which our Savior, Jesus Christ, died for our sins…even those masked-men who speak against it.

Who is protecting those masked individuals?  Is it the same entity who hides himself in dark corners…who reaches out to ruin the lives of all willing to follow his false teachings?  Where will his “protection” be when these masked men stand before God at the Great Judgement?  My Christian friends know the answer, he’ll be bound with chains and sitting at the bottom of a lake of fire.  My protector, Jesus Christ, will be at my side as I stand for judgement. No! Jesus will stand beside me as I “fall to my knees” while all of my sins are rolled off…on by one.  But “my” protector, Jesus Christ (The Savior), will be there to lift me up…and tell me I am forgiven.  As for the young “masked men” in this video, I think these events are prophetic and speak for themselves.  I think this video is just a precursor of events to come for those who continue to follow the false teachings of Satan.  I pray these lost souls open their eyes…see the deceptions they have followed…and turn to God and “love”…not the “hate” they have so blindly spewed.

And my lost friend, that flag…leading a crowd of people from quite a few ethnic groups is “not” a covert symbol for white supremacy or hate or violence…it carries the symbol of everlasting life and love.  It bears a cross…it holds no secret message other than to remind us of the price Jesus paid to forgive us ALL of our sins…even those who speak against it.

Peace be with you my friend…and may God bless you and keep you.  May your heart soften and find the love of Jesus Christ and set aside the hatred that blinds you from the truth.


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