I Want The Knife…Please.

So, a little backstory first.  Back in the spring, Heather, Barb & Bill (friends from Ohio) helped build a knife throwing target in my garage.  The construction was inexpensive and the knives are really cheap to purchase.  My thought process was to create a low-impact method of getting some much needed exercise.  After a little graffiti…this is what the target looks like today.

Last night, Drew got his first shot at throwing knives…and from what I can tell…he liked it.  It’s not only a nice way to improve certain skills…it’s also an excellent way to relieve stress.  Nothing like throwing a couple dozen knives at a target you can imagine as your worse enemy.  A great way of bonding with your kids as well.

We did have one casualty.  We now have a nice hole in the drywall just below the plywood.  Who knew tomahawks also stick handle side first. :). They also stick blade side first as well (just above the plywood).  Aim is optional when throwing at my house. The last casualty is a result of faulty manufacturing.  Here are some pictures of the S.O.G. Hawk that died before its time.

If you notice the left side of the handle vs. the right, you can see the inconsistency in the steel of the tang.
Looking down at the other side of the break, but on the blade section
The entire broken tomahawk. A closer look at the blade section of the hawk.
The general idea what the tomahawk is “supposed” to look like.

The hawk is supposed to have a “limited lifetime warranty”…so I’ll let you know if S.O.G. sticks to their word.  This is clearly a manufacturing defect and not misuse by the user.

By the way Ronnie Amans, I told Lauren you challenged her to some throwing. LOL.  She said, “Bring it on!”  I think you’re in trouble, bro.  With the temperature down, it’s much more tolerable in the garage.  In fact, we might need to put a small heater out there to get the target to loosen up a little…that pine 2×4 is hard as a brick.

I’ll post some pics of the knives we’ve been throwing in another post.






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