How To: Build Your Own DVR/PVR System

Several years back, I began building a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) system with WiFi enabled receivers for each TV in the house.  The project belongs to my wife…and actually saves us several hundred dollars a year by ditching those satellite and cable packages.  It’s still a work in progress and I try to improve it when I can.  I’m considering writing a technical article on how to “build your own system” and wonder if I should post the series here or submit the series to a tech blog.

Our system uses an HDTV antenna mounted in our attic (prevent the wind from blowing it away) to pick up OTA (Over-The-Air) TV channels,  an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) software module so you can save episodes of your favorite TV show.  The main box has the ability to store your movies, tv shows, music, photos, and many other items for view on the WiFi remote receivers.  Each receiver also has the ability to utilize user installed “add-ons” to receive entertainment material via their Internet connection(s).  There are tons of free channels providing thousands of programs from across the globe.  The material ranges from children’s learning programs, sports, cooking shows, and even adult entertainment (with Parental Controls of course).

I’m not interested in selling these systems…just writing up this article series on how to build them.  I would consider this a way of giving back to the geeks who took the time to post all the information/development it took for me to build this monstrosity.

So…any votes?  Also, does anyone know if tech blogs/magazines pay for submissions like this?  That would influence my decision (duh).  A little extra cash would most appreciated at this time…the wallet is feeling VERY light these days.

It would probably take at least five to six  parts to adequately describe the build process…I just hope I can keep my ADD in check.  I still have tons of testimony to share…which is STILL my first priority and what I feel is my current calling.

Heather and several friends of mine continue to tell me they enjoy reading my posts…I just hope they can handle a little geekdom  mixed with my serious writings.

Thanks in advance.







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