Contradictions, Complexities, Coincidental Concurrencies, Compelled – [Intro]

This is where it begins…again. New territory.

JC:  “You remember Bill? That guy we’ve all known for years?”
DH:  “Yeah, haven’t seen him in years. What’s going on?
JC:  “Well, he’s apparently going through some type of difficulty. He described it as a battle of sorts…against an enemy that he’s tangled with many times.”
DH: “Do think he’s going to be ok? Did he mention anything more specific?”
JC: “Just that this enemy he spoke of bears a marking that states, ‘No Control Over Me’.”
DH: “That sounds rather odd. If he’s battling some difficulty that’s one thing, But, how do you combat or battle something he already knows he can’t control?”

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