Varied Uses For An iPhone 6S Plus

An admission of old age…I lose my phone and sometimes I can’t hear it ring.  So…I set it up to flash (using the camera’s LED flash) and buzz when someone calls.  Quick note…that doesn’t mean I’m actually going to answer it.  We also have a mount for the phone that lets us use it as our GPS unit when we travel to see friends.  Yes, we know how to get there…it’s just nice to know about upcoming traffic and such.

On the way home from an appointment the other day, the phone was mounted in the dash mount as I made my way home.  I had forgotten that the flash feature was still turned on.  It was quite interesting to watch the cars move away from my white Kia Optima when I received a call from friend.  That’s one seriously bright flash Apple put in those phones…and they reflect quite nicely across the windshield of your car.  If you ever wondered.



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