Prayers vs. The SSA

Many of you know that I’ve been trying to get back onto Social Security Disability since February 2013.  I’ve been denied twice, been in the court room twice…and still I wait for an answer.  Two days ago, I received letters back from Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander.   I called upon them for any help they might be able to provide.  The SSA responded with two completely different answers.  To Mr. Alexander, they told him that SSA is waiting on more information.  An outright lie.  To Mr. Corker, they told him a decision was being rendered and would be delivered in the near future.  My attorneys, well…they told me it can take six months to get a simple written decision in the mail.  Oh, btw, the judge told me it would take her 30 to 60 days to get that written decision to me.

Now here’s where I’m confused.  Heather and I have been praying for an answer in regards to this mess.  What on Earth is God telling me?

Needless to say, the details here are just a small chip off a huge pile of dung.  I can’t type fast enough to lay out all the details.  Do I “deserve” disability?  Maybe not.  Maybe I am still capable of working.  I mean, I only have a few ailments and no immune system.  Nothing big ya know.  In fact, I gave up my disability to try and work again.  I felt like a leech and thought I could still contribute to the workforce.  After being terminated for “absenteeism” due to illnesses at least 8 to 10 times…Heather convinced me I should reapply.  Heather and my friends and family convinced me that’s what SSA is there for…people like me who can’t work anymore due to disabling situations.  I know at this point…my brain is completely disabled.  I simply can’t comprehend why my case is so difficult to define.  Every one of my medical and mental professionals are simply in awe of the fact that I’m “not” receiving disability services.

Me, this entire situation is taking its toll on me.  I’m not the most stable minded person these days and each letter I receive does nothing but drive me deeper into a pit of despair.  Worry is a sin…my faith is supposed to rest upon God.  I’m supposed to have faith that God “will” provide for me.  When I get to Heaven, I want to compare God’s watch and my simple Timex.  It’s quite clear in many of our lives that God’s time is never quite inline with our time.

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3 thoughts on “Prayers vs. The SSA

  1. Bill,
    my mother was an RN. She was in preadmission testing at the hospital. Many of her patients were not english speakers and many did not really understand what surgery they were having or why. As she aged, she went deaf and it was dangerous for her to continue her job. With the language line, medicine dosages, etc….. hearing the correct info was critical.
    We went to the disability office to apply due to her increasing loss of hearing. After speaking with the agent, we applied based on her depression. She clearly had depression and was never healed from that….. but Depression …was an approved reason for disability. Blew my mind.
    We did not use a lawyer. We got answer within 6 months.
    Of course, we had to turn in so much paperwork. I have no idea if this could help your situation. I know that you have a strong work ethic and it isn’t even something that you ever wanted. But, you certainly deserve it. I will pray for favor with the decision makers and a speedier answer.

  2. This is the latest list of “confirmed” diagnoses that I deal with on a daily basis. As you’ll notice, “depression” and several other mental issues are on my list. There’s no doubt that I’m medically and mentally disabled. I think they’re just trying to outlive me. With the grace of God, I hope to beat them at their game.

    Double Lung Transplant
    Donor Specific Antibodies (DSA)
    Multiple Vertebrae Compression Fractures
    Persistent Depression Disorder
    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    Attention Deficit Disorder
    Panic Disorder
    Essential (Primary) Hypertension
    Mixed Hyperlipidemia
    Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
    Sleep Apnea
    Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
    Chronic Digestive Issues
    Acid Reflux Disease
    Chronic Kidney Stones
    Chronic Migraine Headaches
    Testosterone Deficiency
    Chronic Back Pain (Muscle Spasms)
    Chronic Dermatological Issues
    Chronic Thrush Infection

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