Thanksgiving…After The Turkey Haze Has Faded

So folks, we’ve eaten tons of food, watched all the ball games, and visited with all our family and friends.  Did you (or someone else) say a prayer at the dinner table before you dug in face first into the many magnificent meals served across this nation (and all around the world)?  Did you give thanks for the blessings you’ve received throughout the year that allowed those meals to even exist?

Something I really want to know, if/when you were saying a prayer…in front of all those friends and family…did you do it boldly?  Did you mention the name of the Lord in those prayers of thanksgiving?  Did you feel embarrassed t0 mention God in your prayers or did you do so without hesitation?  If you had reservations, why so?

The day is coming soon…when we all will stand before God with Jesus as our witness.  Will Jesus say, “I know this man and he is mine.”  Or will Jesus say, “I don’t know who this man is…remove him from my presence”?

I gave thanks to my Creator on Thursday…I gave thanks today…and I’ll give thanks for the rest of my days.  Even in my current state…I will give thanks.

What’s your plan?

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