Who Am I To Judge?

I was listening to a channel on SiriusXM today called “The Message” (Channel 63 if you’re interested).  Occasionally, they’ll have someone on who will offer a testimony of how they feel faith and God helped them through a tough or “low” spot in their life.  Today’s guest was Christian recording artist Matthew West.  Matthew spoke about how he had finally made it to that spot in the music business where he would be able to start recording and publishing his music.  However, just as he had reached that pinnacle he discovered he needs surgery on his vocal cords.  Matthew has “paid his dues” and is on the cusp off finally seeing his life goals come true only to find out…he may never sing again.

Matthew spoke about going through six months of rehab after the surgery and how he constantly gave his burden and worries to Jesus.  When the six months had expired, his doctor ordered him to go into the studio and give recording and singing a test.  The session was successful and resulted in the creation one of his most popular songs.  Matthew had reached what he felt was an incredible “low spot” in his life and came out on top…giving credit to his faith in God.

It’s a beautiful story…most people would agree.  However, the moment I was listening to his testimony…I acknowledged his faith and how his life goals could have been cut short…but I also had the though of ,”You call that a low spot?” enter my mind.  I placed judgment upon the validity of Matthew’s “low spot”.  I know why I did it…because deep down inside of me exists an emotion called “bitterness”…or maybe “envy”?  Here was a man who was faced with a career ending condition…saved by the carefully guided hands of his surgeons…now making the best of the second chance he was given.

In my head, I saw a man deep in the pit of despair…desperate for the same healing Matthew had received.  Desperate to be repaired and then put back out there to make his dreams come true.  Shame is the emotion that followed when I realized how I had passed judgement without possessing even a small sliver of that right.  Each person’s burden is unique and it’s not my job to decide whose burden is worse than the other.  That’s my Creator’s job.

Yes, I have quite the list of medical problems…but there are people on this planet who endure daily burdens I simply can’t comprehend.  Yet, I had the arrogance to sit there in my nice car, waiting for medications I can afford, sucking on a soda, and chowing down on a taco I had purchase only few minutes earlier.

You know, I think I’ll take down the glass walls this weekend.


P.S.  When I get back to the “How I Got Here” series…I’ll get to tell you about a “poor” man whose faith is stronger, more honest, as he lives each day in his broken body than when he was healthier and “richer”.


Until next time…  “Be Blessed”

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