Turtle On His Back? Naw…It’s Just Jack, Jr.

So, two days ago…I think it was…I was upstairs in the office and decided that I wanted to get my M-Audio 61-key MIDI controller out of the corner and make use of it with the little jam session I had in progress.  I broke my own rule…ALWAYS…yes AWAYS wear shoes.  Being a diabetic…it’s one of the necessary evils to help prevent damage you really don’t want and especially don’t need.  I’m wearing loose fitting socks…on carpet.  As you can see in the picture below…there’s all kinds of $hi7 in between that corner behind the oscillating fan (where the keyboard was stored) and where I was standing.

Here I go…trying to stretch that distance to grab a keyboard that is NOT all that light.  My left foot twists inside my sock…causing me to loose my footing windup on my back on top of all the items you see in the photo.  I sketched in a Mr. Bill image to indicate my landing zone.

The camera tripod is broken, The plastic tub is cracked.  That tape dispenser wound up somewhere in my lower back…inches baby…just thing about it.  Of course, there’s the effort of trying to get Mr. Bill “The Beluga” off of the floor and try to assess the damage to the body and property.  It’s really strange how your body hurts worse a couple days after an incident than the day of the injury.  Trying to tie my shoes this morning was an emotional event.  Between having to ask friends for help moving some equipment downstairs to be sold and crazy pain in my back just trying to tie my shoes…my small amount of self-esteem and sense of manhood seemed to have left the building with Elvis last week.  Y’all do know he’s not dead, right?  He just went home,

On a side note, Heather says that about the 2nd or 3rd time she’s able to document falls in the last couple of weeks.  I assume I’m having a reaction to medications or I need some physical therapy. to strengthen my core to compensate for whatever’s keeping me off-balance.

I hope I was able to lighten your day.  You ask how can me hurting myself lighten my day?  Envision the fall.  It had to be the most hilarious acrobatic feat in centuries. Cirque Du Soleil doesn’t hold a candle to my performance.  And wouldn’t you know it…the camera in the office was offline…so I wasn’t able to catch fall on video.  I really wanted to send it in to America’s Funniest Videos.

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2 thoughts on “Turtle On His Back? Naw…It’s Just Jack, Jr.

  1. It’s not the fall that tickled my funny bone… But the commentary and Mr.Bill stick figure! Oh my! LMFAO… Glad you didn’t get hurt any worse Butthead!

  2. Yeah…trust me…it hurts. But I figure it’s healthier to have a good laugh than sit and complain about all the parts that hurt on this old body.

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