A Decade Of Love

[Re-posted from 2016-02-27]

Ten years ago today, Heather and I were sitting on a bench in a little community near the Tampa Bay, FL area called Davis Island. The waters there are part of Tampa Bay but much quieter and still in comparison to the larger part of the bay. Between our bench and the waterfront stood two old weathered palm trees. Tall trunks…but barely any green to speak of. You could tell by their stature they had seen many a storm…and together…they had survived them all. You see, these two palm trees were leaning on each other…they were using each other for support. Alone, I suppose any of those Florida storms could have taken one of them out…but together…they had supported each other for untold years.

As I sat there and took in that scene…I let the past few months of my time with Heather float through my mind. I realized that in just the few months that I had known her…she was the palm tree for me.

Without a ring…without a plan…with just my heart to guide me…I asked her to marry me.

I think everyone knows the answer.

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