Father Figures (…others)

[Re-posted from 2016-01-10]

Well, we all know that I’ve never had my own “real” father figure…but there are quite a few male figures that have made an influence in my life (be it good or bad).  The following list has no order to it…the names appear as I recall them.  Also, I list these gentlemen by the name I knew them. So, here goes…

  • Jimmy Roberts
  • Bill Maxwell
  • William Liedhegner, Sr.
  • Jon Yarbrough
  • Pat Noe
  • Andrew Noe, Sr.
  • Joe Turner
  • Vaden Kinslow
  • Don Wood
  • Joe Noe
  • Charles Fowler
  • Ray Beaman
  • Bill Liedhegner, Jr.
  • Joe Turner

And then you have those “friends/acquaintances”…who have left such an impact on your life that you’re not sure what you call it.  Even a person who leads a s0-called “bad life” can still leave you with a “good influence”.  And maybe…it works the other way, too.  This list consists of the “friends/acquaintances” who are, have been,  or were a major influence in my life (be it good or bad).  Again, there is no order to this list and they are listed by the name that I knew them.  Please don’t feel offended if you’re not listed…it doesn’t mean you didn’t have a place in my life…it’s just these particular people stuck out for some reason.

  • Chuck Ransom
  • Teddy Roberts
  • Chris Furlough
  • Vance Watson
  • Mark Moore
  • Jerry Fontaine
  • Kevin Baker
  • Jimmy Oxley
  • Kerry Sisco
  • Johnny King
  • Mark Chesebro
  • Andy Fowler
  • Geno Daley
  • Ronnie Amans
  • Mickey Amberg
  • Bob Fly

If it was safe (Internet speak) to share the individual stories about these fellas…I would love to…but…I guess this is where this post ends.

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