Rain, Rain…Is Here Today.

The month of August brought us rain just about every day of the month.  I believe there were only about three or four days where we didn’t receive a nice thunderstorm.  Some days, we were greeted with multiple storms throughout the day.  For the last couple weeks however, it has been somewhat dry here in Venice, FL.  I’ve always loved the sound of a thunderstorm…as long as it wasn’t of the destructive nature.  The sound of thunder, the crashing of waves, the sound of rain against the roof.  Hmm, all of these have “water” at their core.  Life giving water.

The last few weeks have also opened my eyes to recognize the lessons I’ve known for years…that I must constantly keep at the forefront of all that I attempt.  Everything in the universe demands the payment of balance.  Sometimes it’s difficult for me to keep that truth in my mind and my actions.  Living life in the extremities will only bring you strife and disappointment.  Moderation.

— Bill

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