Take a little trip…Take a little trip…Take a little trip with me.

So, last couple days I’ve found myself with a heartbeat over 140 bpm with SpO2 dipping as low as 88% while trying to make the bed. Called the Lung Transplant Coordinator at TGH yesterday with my report. She asked for me to come up to Tampa General so they could get a chest X-Ray, blood work, and gargle test that allows a quick screening for the presence of any bacteria and/or viruses. Also gave them some of my “Super Sticky Green Lung Glue” (aka sputum sample). Every test has come negative so far…that I am truly happy to hear. Good news. Always appreciated.

The green lung glue will take a couple days to determine if it loads their Petri dishes with anything of consequence.

My quarterly visit to Tampa was already on the calendar for next Thursday. For now however, sticking to the current plans. The primary issues of concern being establishing with a thyroid/endocrinology group in Sarasota (to help me lose about 25-30 pounds I gained when my thyroid gland left the building. The next move after getting rid of this extra weight is having one of two possible surgical procedures to halt the acid reflux (GERD) problem that continues to destroy my lungs.

Simple enough…right? I think so. It’s especially cool when the nurse asks if you’ve been exercising and you answer, “Yes…I was doing aquatic exercising when I lost my footing and re-broke one of my vertebrae (L2 is squishing the disc between it and L3).” I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever been able to get a medical professional off my butt about exercising. You have to love the look on the face as well.

Trying to keep this one short and sweet. — Bill

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