Thanksgiving…After The Turkey Haze Has Faded

So folks, we’ve eaten tons of food, watched all the ball games, and visited with all our family and friends.  Did you (or someone else) say a prayer at the dinner table before you dug in face first into the many magnificent meals served across this nation (and all around the world)?  Did you give thanks for the blessings you’ve received throughout the year that allowed those meals to even exist?

Something I really want to know, if/when you were saying a prayer…in front of all those friends and family…did you do it boldly?  Did you mention the name of the Lord in those prayers of thanksgiving?  Did you feel embarrassed t0 mention God in your prayers or did you do so without hesitation?  If you had reservations, why so?

The day is coming soon…when we all will stand before God with Jesus as our witness.  Will Jesus say, “I know this man and he is mine.”  Or will Jesus say, “I don’t know who this man is…remove him from my presence”?

I gave thanks to my Creator on Thursday…I gave thanks today…and I’ll give thanks for the rest of my days.  Even in my current state…I will give thanks.

What’s your plan?

Happy Birthday, Mama.

She would be 72 yrs old today.  She gave birth to four children and did her best to raise them in the little time she had here on earth.

Annie DeLois Noe-Turner
November 22, 1945 - March 4, 1982




An odd bit of trivia, John F. Kennedy was assassinated on her birthday in 1963.
Happy Birthday.  We hope to see you again sometime soon.


Life: Comedian Extraordinaire

So, a few weeks back Heather was driving my Kia and took on a pothole.  Well, the pothole won.  Slow leak and $30 repair bill.

It’s a given that when the weather changes, you can expect your tires to lose a little air, too.  Heather’s Hyundai is making a fuss about its rear driver side tire.  We have one of these all-in-one roadside emergency units.  It has a jump-start feature, air compressor, lights (clear and flashing).  It even has USB ports to charge things like your phone.  Today, I walked around the car first to try and guess which tire the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) was complaining about…the rear driver side looked lower than the rest.  Checking the tire for pressure showed it at 27 psi instead of the normal 32 psi.  So, I hook up the air compressor and engage the “wait forever pose” against the side of the car.  Every now and then I’d look down to see where the gauge had moved to…its over 5 minutes and no movement.  Uh, how is that possible?  So, I reseat the hose and go for attempt number two.  Strike a pose…vogue.  No movement…again.  You’ve got to be kidding me…how is this possible?  So, reseat the hose got the third time making sure it’s pressed onto the valve stem as tight and low as possible.  Power up!  After about two minutes the compressor changes tone.  Uh, oh…what’s broke?  Nothing actually…we’re inflating now.  WOO HOO! So, I’ve seated and removed the hose three times now…the compressor gets the tire back up to around 27 psi…and dies.

Yes, it’s rechargeable battery is toast and I’m right back where I started.  Now tell me life isn’t the greatest comedian.