Under Attack

I’m breaking from the story lines I’ve been building-up to speak about the mission I feel God has set before me (sharing my testimony) and the obvious attacks meant to divert me from this service.

As I told my wife and a friend from church this afternoon, I feel as if a circle of negativity has surrounded me, my children, my family & friends…”my house”.  I know the enemy.  I know what he’s trying to do.  For each blessing God sends my way (pain relief, worldly help and just a sense of Hope)…the enemy who I won’t even honor by naming…sends in his demons for another attack.  If the enemy succeeds, he keeps me from this keyboard.  If the enemy succeeds, I don’t ever share the stories of how God has touched and blessed every part of my life.  The enemy will hurt me…he will hurt my children…and my friends.  He will get inside my mind and try and convince me that I have no purpose in this world.  The enemy will do everything he can to keep the good word of my Lord from reaching you.  Right here and now…in Jesus’ name…I “command” my enemy to leave.  To leave the presence of my children, my family & friends, my mind & body…and especially the presence of my home.  This is Holy ground…prayed upon before a stitch of furniture was ever placed here.  You are not allowed here.  Be gone with you and your pathetic minions…there is no place for you in my Lord’s house.

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