Father Figures (…God) (…Time For Dedication To Him)

I had to step back to a previous series of articles.  My Father in Heaven has watched over me for almost fifty years now.  There are the times where His intervention is obvious and magnificent…and there are those times He has my back and I am oblivious.  What every son wants to do is please their father.  But with God, it’s a little more difficult deciphering what it is He wants you to do.  Yes, we have the Bible to lead us…but what about those “personal” items.  What does God want from “me”?

A couple years ago, it occurred to me that God has pulled me from the grave more times than I deserve.  And I racked my head trying to figure out why.  Then it finally made sense.

I have a story to tell…a testimony of you will…and a mighty powerful one.  I’ve seen it all…good and bad…lots of the world…and God has walked me through it all.  Now it’s time for me to tell everyone else my stories.  The most powerful of all the testimonies I have to offer…how a man that is struck down in his prime draws closer to God…rather than cursing him.  It’s as counterintuitive as anyone could imagine…but it’s the truth.  My faith is stronger in weakness than in health.  Though I have daily struggles…I thank my Father in heaven for another day with my wife, my children, my family and my friends.  I thank you Father for all of the blessings you have bestowed upon me.

I am currently in a personal struggle that has what seems an obvious answer…but to ensure I’m not being influenced by the AADD…I’m praying and seeking advice that what I’m about to do is for my Father…and not for me.  As most of my friends and family know…I am disabled and unable to maintain steady work due to the arm long list of issues I deal with daily.  That’s not a complaint…I’m here long past what the Vanderbilt’s statistics would grant me.  In an attempt to keep my brain intact, I’ve tried to maintain a few hobbies.  I’m long past the point where any progress has been seen in these hobbies.  I’ve describe my life to Heather as nothing but one big uncompleted project.  The Adult Attention Deficit Disorder continues to get worse regardless of the power drugs used to try and keep it at bay.  Other physical issues also complicate my ability to make much progress on the hobbies that have been eating up every inch of my ten foot by ten foot “office”.

So, I have a decision to make.  Acknowledge that it’s time to give up some of my hobbies that require mental and physical dexterity and turn my focus to my writings.  That is…give my time to God. He put an obvious use for keeping me around here right in front of my face.  I’ve ignored Him too long.  It’s my belief that He knows some tidbit in one of my stories (testimonies) is needed for someone else out in the world.  As arrogant as that may sound…I have so much to share…so many situations where a Holy influence is the only answer to my questions.  I feel it’s my mission to share all that I can in the time God has given me.

I welcome your opinions.  May God bless you.


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