Medical Summary

Just a quick update on the medical front…

After feeling like complete crap since around October 2016, finally discovered I have hypothyroidism. My primary care doc has started me on Levothyroxipine (0.075) for an initial six (6) weeks to see how I fair. I would say that it’s helping a little…but I’m still needing to take a large amount of pain medications.
While dealing with this thyroid issue, I’ve also put on an extra twenty (20) pounds of weight. This is not helping my heart as I’m getting some edema in my feet & ankles. I’m also more short of breath with mild exertion.
My hope is that these last two (2) issues resolve themselves as the thyroid therapy progresses.

My scheduled check-up with the transplant team is May 16th…which is quite convenient. I would ask for prayers that these issues are minor and can be resolved as I recover my ability to move (exercise) more (or rather…again).

The alternatives are not pleasant to think about…but my mind does it anyways. Trying to keep a old tune in my head… “stay on the sunny side.”

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  1. Thyroid meds will take about 3 good weeks to feel the effects. They were life changing for me. Hope they do the same for you!!!! You are a medical miracle, praying for your symptoms to resolve.

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