Prayer Requests For Heather (…and me soon most likely)

Heather started complaining of a sore/burning throat a couple days back. She had been sneezing as well, so we were chalking it up to spring allergies (post-nasal drip irritating her throat, etc.). Well, after the “aching body” symptom was added…I asked that she please see our family doctor. Her favorite test, the “strep swab”, revealed a positive result. She’s currently sleeping and I pray she’s able to stay that way for a while. She didn’t get much sleep last night at all.

As for myself, I also had the “strep swab” test done a little later today and received a negative result. Not sure how that happened…but I’m thinking if the test were to be administered again tomorrow the results would be different.

Heather was treated with a pretty hefty dose of Bicillin (via injection) and a steroid injection to help ease the discomfort commonly associated with Step infections. Wouldn’t you know it that I’m allergic to “penicillin” based drugs leaving that course of treatment off the table.

I contacted my docs from the Vanderbilt Adult Lung Transplant Program for some advice to share with our Primary Care folks. Since I’m not “currently” showing an infection, I’m sitting on a script for “Azithromycin” should the day occur and that strep bug decides I’m a lovely target.

I’m asking for prayers that Heather experience a speedy recovery and not suffer. I’ve had strep before…it’s a good get out of work excuse…PERIOD. And, although the odds are against me (given I have almost no immune system), I would also ask for prayers that I never have to get that prescription filled. Hey…you in the back row…don’t laugh…God still does miracles. 🙂

Thank you to all my prayer friends…of course thank you God.

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5 thoughts on “Prayer Requests For Heather (…and me soon most likely)

  1. I’m praying for both of you. I love you both even if I never get to see or talk to you much. I think of you often.

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