Unfortunate Circumstances = Improved System

A couple of weeks back, I became the victim of an attack on my database server. For the geeks out there, somehow I had managed to leave a couple user names in MariaDB (the fork of MySQL in use on my NAS) with unlimited access and no password. Some ingenious toilet paper consumer decided to delete every SQL database he/she could using those credentials. Every website, with exception of Grace Baptist Church’s website was lost. How’s that for don’t mess with God? Luckily, at some point in the recent past I had made backups of the Medical, Soapbox and Testimony databases. My plan, that I was currently working on was to consolidate all three (3) of the websites into a single site making it easier for to post my thoughts and not require my readers to chase around the web to find what I might have written. Yeah…let’s have all my readers enjoy a little ADDD (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder) for a day. Ha Ha Ha…I don’t think they’d enjoy it.

So, here I am…all of my websites are obliterated and I have messages demanding “BitCoins” be sent to some BS web address to get my data back. First, I’m not paying a jerk like that…ever. Second, the loss wasn’t all that bad…the rest of the data on the server is intact and untouched. The only thing that bothered me…what type (if any) junk did this intruder leave behind that might infect future visitors to my website(s). Taking this into account…I decided to wipe the OS off the server (clean sweep) and implement and few changes I’d been wanting to do anyways. So…all this malicious ding-dong managed to do was motivate me to setup the server the way I’ve wanted it working for a couple years now. I just never undertook the job…because as my wife will tell you…it’s taken me 2 or 3 weeks now and I’m STILL not completely done with all of the implementation plans I wish to have working.

Yes…some of the things I’m doing qualify under the OCD label…but the rest…when done “should” provide a much friendlier system with our data centralized rather than scattered across 3 or 4 different computers and/or phones. It’s not really difficult…it’s just time consuming. My poor little server isn’t the most power machine in the world…so when you ask it to move 100’s of GB’s at a time…you should be prepared to go grow some coffee beans.

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3 thoughts on “Unfortunate Circumstances = Improved System

  1. Some under achieved douche who’s sitting in his mothers basement and learned some sqi from 4chan. Skiddies… did you get a IP address? Front gun server?? Did he have a vpn?

  2. I’m sorry. People are so lazy. They would rather steal someone else’s hard work rather than just do something productive themselves. I love you cousin. Keep up the good work.

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