Varied Uses For An iPhone 6S Plus

An admission of old age…I lose my phone and sometimes I can’t hear it ring.  So…I set it up to flash (using the camera’s LED flash) and buzz when someone calls.  Quick note…that doesn’t mean I’m actually going to answer it.  We also have a mount for the phone that lets us use it as our GPS unit when we travel to see friends.  Yes, we know how to get there…it’s just nice to know about upcoming traffic and such.

On the way home from an appointment the other day, the phone was mounted in the dash mount as I made my way home.  I had forgotten that the flash feature was still turned on.  It was quite interesting to watch the cars move away from my white Kia Optima when I received a call from friend.  That’s one seriously bright flash Apple put in those phones…and they reflect quite nicely across the windshield of your car.  If you ever wondered.



Thanksgiving…After The Turkey Haze Has Faded

So folks, we’ve eaten tons of food, watched all the ball games, and visited with all our family and friends.  Did you (or someone else) say a prayer at the dinner table before you dug in face first into the many magnificent meals served across this nation (and all around the world)?  Did you give thanks for the blessings you’ve received throughout the year that allowed those meals to even exist?

Something I really want to know, if/when you were saying a prayer…in front of all those friends and family…did you do it boldly?  Did you mention the name of the Lord in those prayers of thanksgiving?  Did you feel embarrassed t0 mention God in your prayers or did you do so without hesitation?  If you had reservations, why so?

The day is coming soon…when we all will stand before God with Jesus as our witness.  Will Jesus say, “I know this man and he is mine.”  Or will Jesus say, “I don’t know who this man is…remove him from my presence”?

I gave thanks to my Creator on Thursday…I gave thanks today…and I’ll give thanks for the rest of my days.  Even in my current state…I will give thanks.

What’s your plan?

Happy Birthday, Mama.

She would be 72 yrs old today.  She gave birth to four children and did her best to raise them in the little time she had here on earth.

Annie DeLois Noe-Turner
November 22, 1945 - March 4, 1982




An odd bit of trivia, John F. Kennedy was assassinated on her birthday in 1963.
Happy Birthday.  We hope to see you again sometime soon.


Life: Comedian Extraordinaire

So, a few weeks back Heather was driving my Kia and took on a pothole.  Well, the pothole won.  Slow leak and $30 repair bill.

It’s a given that when the weather changes, you can expect your tires to lose a little air, too.  Heather’s Hyundai is making a fuss about its rear driver side tire.  We have one of these all-in-one roadside emergency units.  It has a jump-start feature, air compressor, lights (clear and flashing).  It even has USB ports to charge things like your phone.  Today, I walked around the car first to try and guess which tire the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) was complaining about…the rear driver side looked lower than the rest.  Checking the tire for pressure showed it at 27 psi instead of the normal 32 psi.  So, I hook up the air compressor and engage the “wait forever pose” against the side of the car.  Every now and then I’d look down to see where the gauge had moved to…its over 5 minutes and no movement.  Uh, how is that possible?  So, I reseat the hose and go for attempt number two.  Strike a pose…vogue.  No movement…again.  You’ve got to be kidding me…how is this possible?  So, reseat the hose got the third time making sure it’s pressed onto the valve stem as tight and low as possible.  Power up!  After about two minutes the compressor changes tone.  Uh, oh…what’s broke?  Nothing actually…we’re inflating now.  WOO HOO! So, I’ve seated and removed the hose three times now…the compressor gets the tire back up to around 27 psi…and dies.

Yes, it’s rechargeable battery is toast and I’m right back where I started.  Now tell me life isn’t the greatest comedian.

Under Attack

I’m breaking from the story lines I’ve been building-up to speak about the mission I feel God has set before me (sharing my testimony) and the obvious attacks meant to divert me from this service.

As I told my wife and a friend from church this afternoon, I feel as if a circle of negativity has surrounded me, my children, my family & friends…”my house”.  I know the enemy.  I know what he’s trying to do.  For each blessing God sends my way (pain relief, worldly help and just a sense of Hope)…the enemy who I won’t even honor by naming…sends in his demons for another attack.  If the enemy succeeds, he keeps me from this keyboard.  If the enemy succeeds, I don’t ever share the stories of how God has touched and blessed every part of my life.  The enemy will hurt me…he will hurt my children…and my friends.  He will get inside my mind and try and convince me that I have no purpose in this world.  The enemy will do everything he can to keep the good word of my Lord from reaching you.  Right here and now…in Jesus’ name…I “command” my enemy to leave.  To leave the presence of my children, my family & friends, my mind & body…and especially the presence of my home.  This is Holy ground…prayed upon before a stitch of furniture was ever placed here.  You are not allowed here.  Be gone with you and your pathetic minions…there is no place for you in my Lord’s house.

Who Am I To Judge?

I was listening to a channel on SiriusXM today called “The Message” (Channel 63 if you’re interested).  Occasionally, they’ll have someone on who will offer a testimony of how they feel faith and God helped them through a tough or “low” spot in their life.  Today’s guest was Christian recording artist Matthew West.  Matthew spoke about how he had finally made it to that spot in the music business where he would be able to start recording and publishing his music.  However, just as he had reached that pinnacle he discovered he needs surgery on his vocal cords.  Matthew has “paid his dues” and is on the cusp off finally seeing his life goals come true only to find out…he may never sing again.

Matthew spoke about going through six months of rehab after the surgery and how he constantly gave his burden and worries to Jesus.  When the six months had expired, his doctor ordered him to go into the studio and give recording and singing a test.  The session was successful and resulted in the creation one of his most popular songs.  Matthew had reached what he felt was an incredible “low spot” in his life and came out on top…giving credit to his faith in God.

It’s a beautiful story…most people would agree.  However, the moment I was listening to his testimony…I acknowledged his faith and how his life goals could have been cut short…but I also had the though of ,”You call that a low spot?” enter my mind.  I placed judgment upon the validity of Matthew’s “low spot”.  I know why I did it…because deep down inside of me exists an emotion called “bitterness”…or maybe “envy”?  Here was a man who was faced with a career ending condition…saved by the carefully guided hands of his surgeons…now making the best of the second chance he was given.

In my head, I saw a man deep in the pit of despair…desperate for the same healing Matthew had received.  Desperate to be repaired and then put back out there to make his dreams come true.  Shame is the emotion that followed when I realized how I had passed judgement without possessing even a small sliver of that right.  Each person’s burden is unique and it’s not my job to decide whose burden is worse than the other.  That’s my Creator’s job.

Yes, I have quite the list of medical problems…but there are people on this planet who endure daily burdens I simply can’t comprehend.  Yet, I had the arrogance to sit there in my nice car, waiting for medications I can afford, sucking on a soda, and chowing down on a taco I had purchase only few minutes earlier.

You know, I think I’ll take down the glass walls this weekend.


P.S.  When I get back to the “How I Got Here” series…I’ll get to tell you about a “poor” man whose faith is stronger, more honest, as he lives each day in his broken body than when he was healthier and “richer”.


Until next time…  “Be Blessed”

Turtle On His Back? Naw…It’s Just Jack, Jr.

So, two days ago…I think it was…I was upstairs in the office and decided that I wanted to get my M-Audio 61-key MIDI controller out of the corner and make use of it with the little jam session I had in progress.  I broke my own rule…ALWAYS…yes AWAYS wear shoes.  Being a diabetic…it’s one of the necessary evils to help prevent damage you really don’t want and especially don’t need.  I’m wearing loose fitting socks…on carpet.  As you can see in the picture below…there’s all kinds of $hi7 in between that corner behind the oscillating fan (where the keyboard was stored) and where I was standing.

Here I go…trying to stretch that distance to grab a keyboard that is NOT all that light.  My left foot twists inside my sock…causing me to loose my footing windup on my back on top of all the items you see in the photo.  I sketched in a Mr. Bill image to indicate my landing zone.

The camera tripod is broken, The plastic tub is cracked.  That tape dispenser wound up somewhere in my lower back…inches baby…just thing about it.  Of course, there’s the effort of trying to get Mr. Bill “The Beluga” off of the floor and try to assess the damage to the body and property.  It’s really strange how your body hurts worse a couple days after an incident than the day of the injury.  Trying to tie my shoes this morning was an emotional event.  Between having to ask friends for help moving some equipment downstairs to be sold and crazy pain in my back just trying to tie my shoes…my small amount of self-esteem and sense of manhood seemed to have left the building with Elvis last week.  Y’all do know he’s not dead, right?  He just went home,

On a side note, Heather says that about the 2nd or 3rd time she’s able to document falls in the last couple of weeks.  I assume I’m having a reaction to medications or I need some physical therapy. to strengthen my core to compensate for whatever’s keeping me off-balance.

I hope I was able to lighten your day.  You ask how can me hurting myself lighten my day?  Envision the fall.  It had to be the most hilarious acrobatic feat in centuries. Cirque Du Soleil doesn’t hold a candle to my performance.  And wouldn’t you know it…the camera in the office was offline…so I wasn’t able to catch fall on video.  I really wanted to send it in to America’s Funniest Videos.

Until next time…


Three Times The Fun

This is a story about “DUH” moments.  Yesterday, it occurred to me that I’m spending so much time trying to build my “How I Got Here” series…that I’ve completely ignored the present and future thoughts and events I need to share.  So, that being said…I’m going to try and run stories about the past, present and future.  We’ll see what Mr. ADD has to say about that. Given the number of “squirrels” I incur on a daily basis…it shouldn’t be all that hard to keep every one confused.

I’ll start off the present in the next post.