• Post Bilateral Lung Transplant [2003-03-20]
    • Multiple Immunosuppressant Complications [Medications]
    • Immunosuppressed – Opportunistic Infection Risk
    • Antibody Mediated Rejection [AMR] [Rejection Of Lung Transplant]
    • Donor Specific Antibodies [DSA] [Positive DQII Antibody]
    • Bronchiolitis Obliteranes Syndrome [BOS] [Rejection of Lung Transplant]
    • Gastroparesis

–Primary Diagnosis Modality
–Chronic Constipation/ Diarrhea Cycle
–Slow/Non-Emptying Stomach (+4-7days)

    • GERD

–Aspiration Pneumonia [Stomach Acid/Contents]
–Esophagus/Larynx Irritation

  • Osteoporosis/Osteopenia [Arthritis/Spinal-Injuries]

    –Vertebrae Compression Fractures [Kyphoplasty T8-L5]
    –Chronic Back Pain [Multiple MBB, RFA Procedures][Pain Meds]
    –Lumbar/Coccyx Pain [Multiple MBB, RFA Procedures][Pain Meds]
    –Arthritic Joint Pain
    –Disc/Bone Neck Pain [C4-C6]
    –Spinal Syrinx [T12][MRI Stable/2019]

  • Psychological

    –[MDD] Major Depression Disorder
    –[MDD] Recurrent, Severe, Anxious Distress [Moderate-Severe]
    –[MDD] Familial Link
    –[PTSD] Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    –Panic Disorder [w/o Agoraphobia]
    –Attention Deficit Disorder [Predominate Combined-Type]
    –Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Systemic Issues [Pharmacology/Age-Related]

    –Essential Hypertension [Primary][Immunosuppressant Side-Effects]
    –Mixed Hyperlipidemia
    –Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus [Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy]
    –Sleep Apnea CPAP [>80 episodes/hr]
    –Restless Leg Syndrome [RLS]
    –Chronic Kidney Stones [Amiloride/Hydrochlorothiazide]
    –Migraines [w/ Aura][Aseptic-Meningitis][DSA Meds][2005]
    –Migraines [w/ Aura][Post-IVIg/Rituxan DSA ][2015]
    –Testosterone Deficiency
    –Dermatological Risks [Pre-Cancerous Skin Lesions]
    –Thrush Infection(s) [Inhaled Steroid Meds]
    –Fibromyalgia [Rheumatology-Exclusion Diagnosis]
    –Ocular [Degraded Lubricant Glands/Crystalline Abrasion]
    –Cataracts [Age-Related/Immunosuppressants]