Intro to Amanda

Today’s goal is to get the laundry put away. We’ve been to a financial meeting and library story time already. Now we are home until this evening’s “First Responders Night”. I just got the little one down for a nap and now the big one needs lunch. Laundry is a lofty goal but we shall see.

I am a 38 year old professional woman, married for almost 11 years and mother to two amazing boys. I have been working full time and planed to leaving my career to stay home, but was given an amazing opportunity so I will be returning to work in August. I would like to share our survival with you! Meal planning, cleaning schedule, kids stuff, birthday parties, life.



One thought on “Intro to Amanda

  1. So, let the incubation of another “SuperMom” commence. Will she find happiness, contentment, and thrive as she once again dons the “Working Mom” costume? Or, will the “Kryptonite Monster” (aka Stress) take her down? Only time will tell.

    Stay tuned as we follow Working Mom’s adventures!

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